EuCanImage Consortium Meeting at the Medical University of Gdańsk

On the 9th and the 10th of May the consortium members of the EuCanImage project met in Gdańsk for an in-person consortium meeting. The meeting was hosted at the Medical University of Gdańsk by dr med. Maciej Bobowicz, and chaired by the EuCanImage Project Coordinator, dr Karim Lekadir.

During the meeting, the consortium was updated on the project’s progress, status of deliverables, and achieved milestones. During the first day the consortium discussed data annotation, curation and uploads status, followed by sessions on AI development and validation across use cases and project’s work packages. The second day focused on discussions on the data platform and catalogue for cancer imaging and non-imaging data development, as well as dissemination and exploitation of the project’s results. The meeting concluded with revision of next steps and discussion of the future of the project’s achievements.

The EuCanImage Consortium Meeting was highly successful, with participants providing crucial updates and achieving strong alignment on key objectives. The diverse expertise of the partners led to a synergy effect, allowing for a comprehensive review and seamless integration of each partner’s contributions. This collaborative approach ensured that all consortium members were on the same page, reinforcing their commitment to the project’s overarching goals and setting a clear path forward.

On behalf of the Consortium Members, we thank the Medical University of Gdańsk for hosting the EuCanImage Consortium Meeting, as well as dr med. Maciej Bobowicz and his team for their exceptional efforts in organising and coordinating this event.