Oncoradiomics is a spin-off company which will achieve more effective, individualized screening & therapy for cancer patients thanks to quantitative imaging. Oncoradiomics has two core proprietary technology platforms to enable this. RadiomiX™ is an innovative imaging analysis software solution that enables the extraction of unique quantitative features (and associated radiomics signatures) from standard images to guide personalized cancer treatment. DistriM™ allows the analysis of large amounts of images in a distributed fashion. Our mission is to enable the right cancer diagnose & treatment for the right patient with quantitative imaging.

Role in the project

ONCO develops and validates an AI solution for semi-automatic liver cancer detection, classification, and reporting from medical images. Furthermore, ONCO leverages its cost-benefit analysis tool and adapt it for the three cancer domains in EuCanImage (liver, colorectal, breast). ONCO has an extensive knowhow on commercialisation and entrepreneurship, which is leveraged in WP7.