Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno klinikos is a public health care institution of national importance, providing health and personal care services at all levels, in accordance with European standards. It is the largest multi-profile medical institution in Lithuania. Hospital vision includes modern medical and socially responsible assistance to the most complex patients. The Department of Radiology is the largest radiological diagnostic department in Lithuania with concentrated modern radiological diagnostic equipment such as digital x-ray and mammography machines, 10 units with ultrasound equipment, 4 computed tomography (up to 640 slices) and 4 MRI (1,5T and 3T) scanners, three gamma cameras, two angiography and two bone densitometry (DXA) devices, and one PET scanner.

Role in the project

KAUNO is involved in WP2, for new cancer imaging data depositions, as well as for defining clinical requirements and validating the AI solutions for the liver, colorectal and liver cancer use cases. It also provides insights on differences in cancer imaging and healthcare systems between different regions of Europe, and how AI can be applied to improve standardisation.