Collective Minds Radiology AB builds an online global collaboration platform for radiology and medical imaging. The platform “Collective Minds®” located at cmrad.com is a CE marked medical device where doctors can share patient cases for discussion between both human and machines in a secure and compliant way. The platform manages full industry standard DICOM stacks, manages complex patient cases containing multiple radiological studies and comes with an integrated, exchangeable zero-footprint viewer. Its UX design is primarily aimed to be intuitive, fast and mobile-first and attempts to break away from traditional medical imaging solutions. The platform comes ready for pluggable AI algorithms to interact with the human community, deploys a fast and stateless integration proxy at participating hospitals and was designed to allow for tailoring of many differentiated workflows within the platform.

Role in the project

CMRAD provides expertise and proven reference implementations of the privacy by design, ethics, legal framework, privacy compliance and IT security in WP1, provides a multi-tenant platform for collaboration sourcing radiology expertise and capacity integrated with the overall web-portal in WP3, enables and customises a subset of its SaaS platform Collective Minds with the purpose of enabling collaboration and distributing the workload between radiologists providing the image annotation functions for EuCanImage in WP4 and enables the choice of multiple medical image viewers and annotation tools seemlessly integrated into the overall workflow.



Umeå University is Sweden’s fifth oldest university. Today, it has a strong international presence with students, teachers and researchers from all over the world. With 34000 students from 60 countries the aim of the university is to continue becoming one of best environments for study and research and meet the challenges of an ever-increasing global society. It is also a hub for research in AI and also in ethics in AI. The medical faculty is the largest faculty at the university, with research in the forefront in radiation treatment, prostate cancer, neuro-science including imaging and paediatrics especially in preterm born and nutrition. The environment for clinical research is good and has received highest score in international evaluation. Our centre, Molecular infection medicine Sweden (MIMS.umu.se) is partner in Nordic EMBL node and we are also one of four parts in Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine (WCMM) in Sweden. WCMM conducts research in cancer, infection biology, neuroscience and metabolic disorders including diabetes and is part of a nationwide effort to strengthen molecular life science in an initiative by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

Role in the project

UMU is involved in the clinical tasks regarding colorectal and breast cancer and also participates to defining criteria and methods for assessing clinical effectiveness. UMU leads the Clinical Consensus Group in WP2.