Public Deliverables

Over its four years of research, EuCanImage will achieve a number of key results. The list below contains the project’s public deliverables and will be updated as the project progresses.

Deliverable Date Download
Visual identity, project website and EuCanImage video (D7.1) March 2021 Link
Quality assurance guidelines (D8.3) March 2021 Link
Legal and ethical interoperability study/retrospective analysis (D1.1) September 2021 Link
Data repository for cancer imaging (D3.2) September 2021 Link
Virtual environment for building flexible AI solutions (D5.1) September 2021 Link
Glossary on common definitions across EU privacy and data security laws (D1.2) December 2021 Link
Data repository and model for non-imaging data (D3.3) December 2021 Link
GDPR compliant anonymisation POSDA Suite (D4.1) March 2022 Link
Cloud-based collaborative data annotation tool (D4.2) March 2022 Link
Cancer radiomics extraction and selection pipeline (D5.2) March 2022 Link
Consensus document with assessment metrics, criteria and procedures (D6.1) March 2022 Link
Clinical requirements for the EuCanImage platform and AI in cancer imaging (D2.1) September 2022 Link
Data access sub-portal (D3.5) September 2022 Link
Block-chain based distributed learning and AI passport (D5.4) September 2022 Link
Methods to assess errors and procedures to address uncertainty (D6.2) September 2022 Link
Updated Plan for Dissemination & Communication (D7.3) September 2022 Link
Data enhancement through synthetic data generation (D4.4) October 2022 Link
Integrative machine learning toolbox (D5.3) October 2022 Link
Standardisation of cancer image data and features (D4.5) March 2023 Link
Adapted In-silico platform for EuCanImage (D6.3) March 2023 Link
Quality control of image and non-image cancer data (D4.3) June 2023 Link
Guidelines of ethics and social implications of AI in oncologic imaging (D1.5) September 2023 Link
Integrated EuCanImage web-portal (D3.7) September 2023 Link
Toolbox for interpretable AI in cancer imaging (D5.5) September 2023 Link
Consensus document on methods to assess clinical effectiveness (D6.4) September 2023 Link
Tool for cost-effectiveness assessment of AI solutions (D6.5) September 2023 Link
Report on Stakeholder Awareness Assessment (D7.4) September 2023 Link